“That Sugar Film”

I had a blog post about a cute pumpkin craft all prepared to post as my next entry. However, I am now sitting on my couch with my husband in utter shock and disgust. What is the reasoning for this reaction?

“That Sugar Film.”

We had innocently planned to watch a movie before bedtime as we do every now and then just to get some cuddle time in. We flipped through Amazon Prime for about five minutes before we landed on a colorful picture of a man (Damon Gameau) standing in a grocery aisle being bathed in sugar. The title was “That Sugar Film.” Cody and I shrugged and decided to give it a go.

Oh. My. God.

I’m struggling with things to even say after watching this film. (First off, let me state that I am no documentary fan. In fact I tend to avoid them at all costs. So much so that if someone was pointing a gun to my head, I would probably take the bullet.) I mean honestly I have no idea where to begin with this.

The information that was pumped out of the movie was not only ridiculously relevant, it was absolutely infuriating. It was also so interestesting that you couldn’t take your eyes off of the screen.

Damon Gameau had not eaten sugar in three years. He wanted to get more information about how it really effects the body. So after consulting with a few medical professionals, he decided to go on a 40 teaspoons of sugar a day diet for two months. The movie follows him through this journey. (Medical effects and what not)

What was most shocking to me wasn’t really the amount of sugar. 40 teaspoons is a lot. But let’s be honest. There are many sugary drinks, snacks, and foods out there that I didn’t think that would be hard for him to reach. What shocked me was that he reached this goal eating supposedly healthy food i.e. low fat yogurts, granola, health bars, organic foods, smoothies, etc. For instance, in one scene a jomba juice contained 36 or 37 teaspoons of sugar. In a jomba juice. A supposedly healthy alternative to soda. A plain frozen yogurt contained 11 teaspoons of sugar. And what was most upsetting was his last sugary meal. It was a child’s supposedly healthy lunchbox meal. It contained several items that we give our son on a almost daily basis thinking that they were healthier alternatives.

Before the movie he ate 2300 calories, weighed a healthy weight, and his organs were in the top 20% of healthier people in Australia. During the movie he found that he was eating less calories a day and was hungrier. Not only did he gain over 20 lbs (this is with exercise) he also developed pre type 2 diabetes… And this was all in less than 3 weeks… Again… Eating the supposedly healthier food alternatives.

He also touches base on the corruption of the sugar industy and how so many companies pay scientists and medical proffessionals to make statements that sugar is somehow completely harmless and it’s our fault that we’re all so overweight. Forget the fact that one of the science experiments they talked about was with rats and sugar vs. cocaine. They found the rat would work harder for the sugar than the cocaine. Tell me that isn’t a statement on how addicting sugar can be.

After watching this I want go through and throw away half of our food. It explains why we are all walking in this mind fuzz. It talks about why we have mood swings, bags under our eyes, and why we just can’t seem to concentrate. I for one have no idea if I’ll be able to cut sugar completely out of my diet. But with me working so hard to lose weight this really struck a nerve with me.

I give this movie a huge thumbs up. Even if you don’t agree with it 100%, or simply don’t care about the effects this stuff has on you, it’s still incredibly enlightening. I would highly recommend anyone watching it. Especially if you have kids. Even if you don’t… Watch this movie. At least be more aware of what you’re putting in yours and your childrens bodies.

Until next time.





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