Felt Pumpkin Patch Craft

This is such a fun and simple craft. There is very little prep time and very little mess! (Two of my favorite things!) Honestly, I do all the drawing and cutting out the night before when the littles are sleeping and then we get together as a family and have craft time the next day. I did this one last year with my son and he absolutely loved it, so I had to do it again this year and share with you guys.

The materials are super cheap. I bought all my stuff at Walmart and I think it ended up being around 7-10 dollars for all of it, but I’m sure you could find it just as reasonably somewhere else as well.

You can hang them on your windows, banisters, or if you wanted to make a large seasonal felt board and put them on that, that would be super fun too! The number one rule is to have fun. 🙂



What you will need:

Felt Sheets- *Orange, Black, Green

*You will need one orange sheet per pumpkin

Pipe Cleaners- Green

Popsicle Sticks

Googly Eyes

Fabric Glue

Fabric Paint – Green (I had glitter glue on hand, so that’s what I used)


1.Using the marker draw out pumpkins on orange felt sheets. I made mine different sizes to make it more fun and authentic.

2.Draw mouths and noses on black felt.

3.Draw out green leafy tops on green felt. (I only used one sheet of black and green and it made plenty. You may need more depending on how many pumpkins you plan to make.)

4.Cut out all the pieces and lay them in designated piles.

5.Take the green pipe cleaner and wrap around the marker. Gently slide it off and stretch it out a bit so that it looks like a spring. Repeat until you have at least one pipe cleaner per pumpkin.

6. Have everyone pick out their pumpkin, nose, top, mouth, and eyes.

7. For your littles, have them lay out the pieces the way they want them and then help them glue it down. For everyone else, have fun and make your pumpkin!

9. Flip the pumpkin over so that the back is facing you. Take one popsicle stick and glue it horizontally.

10. Take another popsicle stick and glue it vertically. At the very top of this popsicle stick, wrap one end of the pipe cleaner tightly around it and glue down so that the pipe cleaner coils above the pumpkin. (View pictures for help if needed)

11. Allow glue to dry for a few minutes. Then flip pumpkin back over. Using fabric paint, write the appropriate name on each pumpkin.

12. Enjoy the finished products!


We hung ours on our stair banister behind the couch. (Hence the enviable backdrop. 😉 ) This whole area will eventually be covered with webs, spiders, and ghosts. (That craft tutorial will follow shortly!)

I hope you enjoy doing this craft as much as we did! Please feel free to send me pix of your finished projects!

Until next time…



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