Homemade Yogurt Review

Today’s post I am super excited about! I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I am totally guilty of grabbing tub upon tub of yogurt in the hopes of using it for yummy smoothies, yogurt parfaits and more. This is a fun and well intentioned idea until two weeks later I cringe at the completely unopened thing of yogurt glaring straight at me, filled with hatred for it’s wasted life, and broken dreams for my weight loss plan. This also means I have to go to my husband and explain why yet another 3-7 dollar thing of yogurt is in the trash. (whoops!) He then proceeds to roll his eyes and suggest that I simply do better next time.

So, in my inability to finish a 32 oz thing of yogurt, I searched for better, easier, and simpler options. It wasn’t until one day I was at the lake with a friend that she introduced me to what would turn into a red hot love affair. There in that somewhat circular brightly colored tub laid the Chobani flip. After one try, I was hooked. I bought so many and shamelessly ate two a day. I found any excuse to sneak around the corner to not have to share with my husband or kids. I fell in love with the tiny little clusters of heaven that came with each flavor, and the perfect portion size to make my hunger and sweet tooth satisfied. (I mean how in the world do they get chocolate chips this tiny??) The only problem with this relationship (other than the no sharing issue) was that each treat was 1.15-1.19 a piece! That’s a heafty price when you had fallen as hard as I.

To make my wallet happier, I began the search for homemade yogurt. Honestly I was really skeptical. I thought for sure it would be this long difficult process that involved many hours of staring at curdling milk. I was SO wrong. I ran across a couple of Youtube videos that introduced me to… Wait for it… CROCK POT YOGURT…. Let me say that again… CROCK POT YOGURT!!! Seriously… What can you not make with those things. I of course had to try it! And if I liked it, I had to of course share!

What you will need: 

Crockpot (kind of important) 

1 Gallon of milk (any fat content you prefer) 

1 Cup of yogurt (plain) 


Tubs to put it in

1. Pour entire gallon of milk into the crockpot. I used whole milk because that’s simply my preference.

2. Put crockpot on low and let it sit for 2 hours.


3. Turn crock pot off and let it sit for 3 hours.

4. Add cup of yogurt (I just for fun got the most obscenely natural yogurt I could find… I was a cool container. I couldn’t resist.) and wisk into milk.

5. Wrap crock pot in a towel and let it sit for 9-11 hours.

6. Take off lid and stir, then add to containers of your choice.

That my friends is it! This yogurt is a little runny. I personally like the greek yogurt, but I didn’t have the material necessary to make it. But if you’d like to continue on to make greek yogurt, these are the steps:

  1. Stir crock pot milk.
  2. Place a cheese cloth into a large bowl. (You will need a larg bowl)
  3. Pour milk (now yogurt) into the cheese cloth.
  4. You can either let it set for 4 hours to seperate the whey and yogurt, or you can loosely tie the cheese cloth and hang for 2 hours. The whey you collect in jars and can use for MANY different recipes, and the yogurt will now be thick and more like greek yogurt!


This was mine. Like I said, it was runnier than normal, but tasted delicious! So was this worth it?

Well here are the facts-

Chobani Flip: 5.3 oz (a little over 1/2 a cup) with probably a tbspn of toppings. 17 g of sugar (that’s 4 tspns of sugar folks… don’t think that’s a lot? Go ahead and measure that in a bowl). 1.15-1.19 a piece.

Homemade: 5 oz (with whatever and however many toppings you’d like). 5.7g of sugar (just for yogurt, not for toppings). 0.17 a piece.

Now obviously with the homemade it could get pretty pricey depending on what you want to add to it, the sugars could spike as well. However, that’s pretty awesome difference I think! So, you guys go try it, feel free to share your experience, and until next time…




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