Spiders and Ghosties!

Who loves procrastination? You? How about you? No? Well unfortunately here lately I really do. Something to do with the weather cooling down, chasing kiddos all day, and a dog that has more energy than a pack of batteries. (Or it’s laziness… but we’ll stick to the former…)

So! In light of this fact, I have perfected quick, cheap, felt crafts. And if you follow my blog, (You’re super awesome and thank you!)  you will see many more with the holidays to come. This particular one costs maybe 6 bucks to make and that’s if you don’t have glue and everything on hand.

The materials you will need include: 

Black Felt

White Felt 

Googly eyes (small) 

Pipe Cleaners (any color) 


Fabric Glue

1.Take yarn and create a “spider web” on a stair railing or anything equivelant. You can do this by simply weaving the yarn in and out of the rails and pulling it in all different directions. There’s really no rhyme or reason.

2.Draw out ghosts on white felt, I used a blue permanent marker to make them more “ghost like”.

3. Draw out spiders, ghost mouths, and ghost eyes on black felt.

4.Cut out.


  1. Take spider cut out and create four holes on each side of the spiders torso. (A hole punch would be super handy for this. I only had scissors so it was slightly more time consuming.)
  2. Take two pipe cleaners of your color of choice and cut in half. This will give you four small pipe cleaners.
  3. Insert pipe cleaners in designated holes, one at a time. (See picture above.) Bend them to make them look more leg like.

Take googly eyes and glue right above the fangs. You can do as many as you’d like. Some of mine have three, four, and so on. Done!


1. Glue eyes and mouth to the top of the ghost cut out.

2. Cut one pipe cleaner into six small pieces. (I made six ghosts. if you have less or more, simply adjust.

3. Bend the top of the small pipe cleaner to make it resemble a hook.

4. Glue to the back of the ghost right at the neck. Done!


Have fun letting the littles hang them up on the web! It’s super fun and cute. My son moves them around almost every day so it’s even interactive to a point which is always a win. I hope you enjoy the craft and hope you all have a very safe and fun Halloween!


Until next time.



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